About me and my blog

My name is Ariane Karbe, and I am an independent curator, based in Berlin. I hold an M.A. in Social and Cultural Anthropology (University of Bayreuth) and a PhD in Museum Studies (University of Leicester). I was a fellow at the museum academy Museion21 and absolved the training as a scriptwriter at the Filmschool Hamburg Berlin. I took part in the In-Residence program of the Joanneum Universal Museum.

Among others I worked for the Museumsdorf Cloppenburg – Niedersächsisches Freilichtmuseum and the Anne Frank Zentrum, Berlin. Currently I develop the concept for the permanent exhibition of a new museum in South Tirol, Italy: the Villa Freischütz. I assist the Women’s Museum, Merano, and the Museum for Domestic Animals Julius Kühn, Halle, dramaturgically with revising their permanent exhibitions.

My ambition and passion is to develop exhibitions which provide intellectual pleasures and entertaining experiences – reaching thus the head and the heart of the audiences.

During my curatorial work I always missed more precise guidelines for how to develop the storyline of an exhibition. There is a lot of material about handling objects, managing projects and, of course, doing research. But explanations about how to develop the concept of an exhibition, how exactly to combine objects and information, how to write the script, are rare. Looking for answers, I turned to instructions developed for other media and discovered how fruitful it is to view exhibition making as a story telling activity. My PhD research explored if it is possible to learn from Hollywood in order to narrate more suspenseful exhibitions. (It is!)

If my PhD was a TV-serial, this blog would be the spin-off. The central question of all contributions is: how to tell a great (exhibition) story?

Why in English?

The fact that most museum books of German-speaking authors are published in German makes it difficult to discuss the contents with international colleagues. As I am enthusiastic about the museum landscape in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and the museological debates undertaken in these countries, by writing in English I want to contribute in communicating and sharing these ideas and reflections.

I am happily responsible for every mistake on this website.